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1904 FC Club Announcement

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Dear 1904 FC supporters,

This last year has not been easy for our determined ownership team, nor for you, our “originals”. We have deliberately remained quiet as we pressed behind the scenes to bring professional football to San Diego.

Our silence is over, as we now have something very tangible to first share with you, and then next week to the city at large:  1904 FC has co-founded the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), newly minted by The U.S. Soccer Federation as a 3rd division professional league.  We are in the final stages of a stadium lease to participate in the league’s inaugural season this September 2019.

Our story over the last 4 years is this:  The NASL was our chosen route to local football, and after their professional status was removed, we chose not to participate. Then, our 2nd division USL negotiation window expired before we could reach amenable terms.  Now, along with a group of forward-thinking owners from across the nation, we co-founded a U.S. Soccer sanctioned league and created it using the best models of football leagues around the world.  We are certain it is the best forum from which to bring professional football to San Diego.

Despite all obstacles, our ownership group has stayed laser-focused on the goal.  Resilience is now a part of our club’s DNA, and will translate soon on to the pitch as we create a team that never gives up.  This is a football club founded by football players, that will stay authentic to the world’s game.  It is a San Diego club you will be proud of.  Thank you for staying by us through this last year.

For the City,

Your 1904FC Ownership Team

1904 Staff

1904 Staff

We believe in the people of San Diego. Our name reflects our commitment to the city and street culture. The number is already iconic in San Diego, now it will stand for the passion and pride of our region.