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1904 FC Concludes November Tryouts

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Coming off a season in which San Diego was just a win shy of the Western Conference final, 1904 FC head coach Alex Gontran and his staff have finished the club’s latest tryout session ahead of the upcoming Spring 2020 NISA season. 

As Gontran shared, his targets during tryouts were players with the ability to fit into the club’s offensive game philosophy, but who can also develop into players ready to compete in football’s biggest stages.

“Potential players are the ones I would like to work with as soon as possible and develop them for the future,” he said. “If the player is already very skilled that is great because of their individual potential, but we also focus on their aptitude to play, to understand the game and how to move.”

From November 23 through 26, 200 aspiring footballers from the region participated in the combine, which was split evenly into age groups ranging from ages 16 through 20 and ages 21 through 25.

Gontran explained the split by age groups allowed the coaching staff to observe the players in their usual play conditions and to better keep track of any outstanding players.

“If you want to see a good player, you need to see them in the right conditions. It is better to categorize into groups, because it is easy to miss a great player when you don’t know him and he is mixed in with everyone and in a new system he doesn’t know,” he explained. 

Tryout participants who receive a call back will take part in a preseason training camp, where some will be recruited into the first team or the club’s reserves. Without revealing too much, the Frenchman stated he is looking for possibly five or six — at the most — players to add depth to the first team and around 30 for the second squad.

The inclusion of new faces to an established base of players is vital for 1904, as the team’s main goal is winning the NISA championship this upcoming spring season. 

“We have been working with this core of players for the last three months and I want to keep the main bulk of the group because I know we will get the return on our investment,” the head coach declared. “I would like to have fans be proud players in this team and in this city.”

“This is for San Diego, so we will find and develop players the best players from San Diego. They are the identity of the club,” Gontran closed.

1904 Staff

1904 Staff

We believe in the people of San Diego. Our name reflects our commitment to the city and street culture. The number is already iconic in San Diego, now it will stand for the passion and pride of our region.