(Announced on October 25, 2017)

Our future home.

“The club announced it is finalizing a lease with SoCal Sports Complex at El Corazon Park in Oceanside as the team’s permanent home venue. Upon completion of a stadium that will seat roughly 10,000 fans at the SoCal Sports Complex in Oceanside, 1904 FC will move operations to the North County site for the start of their 2019 season.

The Honorable Jerry Kern, Councilmember from the City of Oceanside, attended the press conference to announce his support of the club’s choice for future stadium location. The SoCal Sports Complex is host to over 20 annual weekend competitions that draw tens of thousands of youth soccer families from all across the world to San Diego each year.

‘Oceanside is proud to welcome 1904 FC,’ Kern said. ‘El Corazon Park has quickly become a soccer destination and adding professional soccer to the mix is a very big deal for the park and the city. This team will draw fans from all over the world to our corner of the globe.’”