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1904 FC Team Updates

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Last month, we made the tough decision to opt out of the NISA Fall season. This forced us to let go of most of our players, in hopes of re-signing members of the squad back on for the Spring.


Three players have signed with other clubs so far.

Goalkeeper Jean Antoine with Detroit City FC (NISA)

Midfielder Nelson Blanco with the Oakland Roots (NISA)

Ex-Captain Ozzie Ramos with Atletico Jalisco (LBM in Mexico)


“I’m so thankful for what the first generation of 1904 FC players have done for the club and the city. COVID-19 forced us to opt out of playing this fall but we look forward to bringing some of the guys back and we’re excited for Spring 2021. In the meantime, we’re working hard to get players opportunities elsewhere. We have talented individuals that can help other teams win in the US and overseas.” – Alex Gontran, 1904 FC manager.

The club is focused on developing local players and giving them opportunities to play in the top leagues. Club executives are traveling back home to Europe this week to work on partnerships with top clubs.

“Our goal is to get talented young players and get them prepared to play in Europe one day. We need to make sure these clubs keep an eye on 1904 FC and our players, so that the guys get the opportunities they deserve.” – Alex Gontran

In other team related news, the club has added Tony Partida to the 1904 FC staff.


1904 Staff

1904 Staff

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