Why did you decide to co-found the NISA?
The NISA provides a model that is unique to the United States, but conforms to the model of most world football leagues. We are confident this is the best forum from which to bring San Diego professional football.  Now that the league is ready, it was time for us to start.
What is left to officially kick-off the NISA season? When will the season start?
We just had the league announcement, and now need to finalize the stadium contract and some additional investments. NISA will kick-off this September, and we will take the pitch then.
Why isn’t there much information about NISA? Who are the teams?
NISA was sanctioned by the U.S. Soccer Federation just this last February, 2019. We are at the very beginning of the development of a new league with a new operating model.

It is a long-term project that strives to reduce common obstacles in order to bring professional soccer to every city in the U.S. The league will serve to create paths for many amateur teams and players to go pro and opportunities for teams to advance based on performance, not checkbooks, since many of the financial obstacles found in current U.S. pro leagues will be avoided.

We are co-founders of NISA and are aligned with its mission and vision. The league is announcing the teams soon.

Why didn’t you guys join the USL to begin with?
In 2016 when we began, the North American Soccer League was the only option for a professional club. When the U.S. Soccer Federation revoked their professional status, we decided not to participate.

Our goal is to create a football club, not a ‘soccer’ franchise.’ The USL structure is more limiting for the individual club than the NISA structure.  We could not reach amenable terms to join the league. Also, with our vision to send homegrown talent to the highest levels, we needed a league model that would give us the most flexibility in the movement of players.

Your first project had you slated to play in Oceanside. Which stadium are you planning to use?
We are in the closing stages of a lease on a stadium that will be convenient for the entire county to come to. We see this as a team for San Diego County. Our strategy and activities will reach everyone county-wide.

This fall, we will begin to re-explore all potential options for a long-term stadium, including stadium design like the one presented for Oceanside.

When will you start signing players?
Our scouting team has been engaged in the community for years, and very active now for a few months. We will work closely with NISA in regards to the timing of operations going forward, and this includes signing players.
When will tickets go on sale?
As soon as we complete our lease we will have more information on ticket sales.
When will you announce a head coach?
Our head coach will be announced in the coming days.
Are you planning on having a youth academy program?
Our mission is to serve the San Diego footballer by developing them to compete at the greatest clubs in the world. On the pro team, we will focus on creating opportunities for the young playerand look to transfer those players to larger clubs around the world. Our vision is to be the premier program of professional football development in the United States. To do all this, we will eventually need an academy.  There are plans in the works as we speak to accomplish this.
Why did you guys choose San Diego?
San Diego is not only “America’s Finest City” but also hotbed for both passionate players and passionate fans of the beautiful game. It is an area that is untapped, and has waited long enough for a team to call their own. We have found many people here that are like us in their appreciation for this game. We want to serve them by providing this Club to San Diego. We have amazing local partners as well that have joined us on this project.
How can I get involved with the team?
Stay updated with volunteer opportunities, events and more by visiting our website: and following us on social media.
What are your plans for community engagement?
Every lasting football club started at the community level, gathering supporters one by one and by word of mouth. We plan to be out in the community from day one and cannot wait to get started and share this project with everyone.
Is 1904 FC minor league?
Simply put, no, 1904 FC is not minor league. The term “minor league” is at its origin American, primarily used in conjunction with a team that is affiliated to a higher division team, like in the American Baseball system where a major league team will have a number of affiliated minor league teams or franchises. In the World of Football, there are divisions in a “football pyramid” where teams, based on their merit, are able to be “promoted” up the pyramid, or “relegated” to a lower division if they fail to perform. These clubs around the world, like 1904 FC, are independent and play in a division, which can change. In North America, where there is currently no opportunity for clubs to be promoted or regulated, even a title like “3rd division” holds very little significance as it is not a true indicators, like in nearly all other football countries in the world, of a club’s past successes and/or failures.