SAN DIEGO (January 8, 2018) – The North American Soccer League announced today that it will delay its 2018 schedule until the fall due to the on-going litigation with the U.S. Soccer Federation. This decision was made based on a consensus from all teams, including San Diego County’s newest professional men’s soccer team, 1904 FC.

“I know we are all disappointed in the current situation,” said Chairman and Majority Owner Demba Ba. “However, we understand this decision is beyond our control and we will continue working hard to build a team San Diego can be proud of.”

Due to the NASL’s decision to postpone the start of the 2018 season, 1904 FC will look to shift their operations and strategy to prepare for a later start to their inaugural season. Delaying the start of the season, aligns the NASL schedule with the FIFA schedule. On the global calendar, teams will begin play on August 11, 2018 and end on June 1, 2019. With this move, the NASL will become the first professional soccer league in the U.S. to operate in accordance with the global soccer schedule.

“In lieu of the league’s decision, we have agreed it would be impossible to field a team for a spring start,” said President Bob Watkins. “Not having a specific schedule from the league drastically impacts our ability to sign players, secure sponsors and confirm stadium dates. Regardless, all club and stadium operations are moving forward at full-speed to bring a professional soccer team to San Diego.”