120 Scouting Camp Spots

10 Days To Prove Yourself

December 7th, 2020

Great Park - IRVINE, CA

To increase your chances of success in professional football: you have to master the basics of high-level football and seize opportunities

But there's a problem...

  • Have you ever gotten a real shot to show your skills?
  • Do you have a pathway to professional football?
  • Do you have a career plan?
  • How often do 10-day trials with a pro club come along?
  • Have you ever gotten a personal scouting report from a professional staff?
  • How much do you truly invest in yourself?

1904 FC '10-Day Scouting Camp' gives you:

  • More time to prove yourself
  • Showcase your football
  • Get an honest evaluation of where you are as a player and what you need to improve on
  • Continue to grow your football knowledge
  • Have a real opportunity to sign a professional contract


1904 FC gives young amateur players a real chance at a pro contract

Did you know?

Last year,


  • 20 Tryout players made the 1904 FC Team
  • 15 of those signed their first professional contract
  • Youngest team in NISA, average age 22
  • 3 players expected to go on trial with French professional clubs post-covid

Who we're looking for?

The 10-Day Scouting Camp is created to support and find:


  • The best youngsters (over 16 years old) that are looking to sign their first pro contract
  • More experienced players that are currently free-agents
  • Players who with continued development have the potential to play in Europe one day



Scouting Camp Spots Only


Days To Prove Yourself

DEC 7 2020

Great Park - IRVINE, CA

Your plan for advancing your football career



  • Book your spot to the Scouting Camp for $550



Get Noticed

  • 10-Day training camp with the 1904 FC pro staff
  • 5 training sessions/week
  • 2h15/session
  • Weekly Video Analysis
  • Individual Player Scouting Report


Sign Pro

  • If you're good enough, a professional contract will be offered to join the 1904 FC pro squad.

Alexandre GONTRAN


1904 FC Co-owner

1904 FC Football Manager


"We want to create a real option for players wanting to go pro to properly be developed and have a pathway to Europe. The launch of the 1904 tryout camp will allow young players to be scouted and learn. We're ecstatic to get this project underway and hopeful to get many players to 1904 FC then to Europe in years to come. I've negotiated contracts with clubs like Chelsea, Newcastle, Arsenal and West Ham. The group knows  what it takes to get players to Europe."



1904 FC Co-owner



"For me, 1904 FC is for American talents to chase the European Dream and The Football Dream, and hopefully just like me, play for a club like Real Madrid one day."

Demba BA


1904 FC Owner

Ex Chelsea and Newcastle player -- current player at İstanbul Başakşehir F.K


"I co-founded 1904 FC because I really believe in the footballing talent in southern California. It's our goal to help players reach their highest potential. I started training with Alex at 16 when no pro team was giving me a look. He has an excellent understanding of the game and knows how to develop footballers. But most importantly he's a man with true values that helped me become the person I am today."



Ex Liverpool, Juventus, Valencia and PSG player


"I had a very good career, but had I met Alex before, I believe that I would have had an even bigger one. Today, as an agent myself, Alex brings me his experience in better understanding the player career management side of things on and off-the-field. "



Ex Lyon, Marseille, Newcastle, PSG player


"Before joining the French National Youth Training Center I played at Montrouge where I remember Alex. A coach who really helped me when I was a kid. He made me believe in myself. He talked to me a lot and he took me under his wing."

1904 FC Scouting Camp Football Program

How you can experience effective football growth and have a greater chance to become a professional player.

1904 FC professional staff will operate a football training methodology program for ages 16 through 30.


The football methodology of the camp requires players to understand the basics of high-level football: the reading and interpretation of the game, the game intelligence, and the technical skills.


The players will be challenged constantly. We will put them in a competitive environment and test how fast they adapt to different situations.


We encourage players to be creative and think outside the box. The way they feel the game and the decisions they make is what will differentiate the selected players from others.


1904 FC’s focus is on continuing the development process of young talented players and getting them prepared for successful professional careers in the U.S. and beyond.


Dec 7, 2020

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$550 / Player

10 scouting-training sessions


22+ hours of scouting-training


Individual report

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