In the heart of San Diego, the San Diego Football Club has steadily won the hearts and imagination of football fans and residents alike. 1904 FC, San Diego’s proud representative in the world of football, serves as a benchmark of passion, unity and local pride. It is the story of a football club and community coming together to celebrate the beautiful game and spirit of the city we love.

The Genesis of 1904 FC

Founded to nurture local talent and foster a deep connection to the San Diego community, 1904 FC was named in honor of the city itself – “1904” is the numerical representation of “SD”, San Diego’s initials, in the alphabet. This unique nomenclature is a testament to the club’s commitment to embodying the essence and vitality of San Diego in every match and every fan it inspires.

Since its founding in 1904 FC has gone on the road to compete in football and create a lasting legacy in the community. The club’s colors, emblem and ethos are carefully designed to reflect San Diego’s diverse and dynamic culture, making every match an expression of the city’s spirit.

A Club Close to the Community’s Heart

What sets 1904 FC apart and draws fans to it is its unwavering commitment to community engagement and local development. The club places a strong emphasis on accessibility, ensuring that football fans from all walks of life can experience the thrill of the game and the camaraderie on match days. By hosting community events and participating in youth development programs, 1904 FC – has become a true community hub where the values of teamwork, respect and excellence thrive.

The fans, affectionately referred to as ‘Nineteeners’, are the lifeblood of 1904 FC. Their energy, passion and unwavering support create an amazing atmosphere at every match, making the football field a vibrant celebration of the San Diego spirit. The ‘Nineteeners’ are an integral part of the 1904 FC family, contributing to the club’s ethos and its mission to inspire and unite.

1904 FC Family

Becoming a 1904 FC fan means joining a movement that celebrates the joy of football, the warmth of community and the pride of San Diego. Whether you are a seasoned football fan or new to the sport, 1904 FC will welcome you with open arms. As 1904 FC continues to grow and earn its place in the football world, the call to join the family grows louder.

Join the Nineteeners!

With a deep connection to the community, a commitment to excellence and an energetic fan spirit, 1904 FC has bequeathed a tremendous amount of heart to fans both in San Diego and far beyond. Join us on this exciting journey and become part of the 1904 FC family, where every match is an opportunity to celebrate San Diego and the beautiful game.