In a heartfelt announcement that resonates with the spirit of resilience and foresight, 1904 FC has shared a pivotal decision with its fervent fan base and the broader San Diego community. The club, deeply embedded in the heart of San Diego’s vibrant football culture, has made the strategic choice to forgo participation in the 2020 NISA Fall Season, setting its sights on a robust comeback in the Spring.

Embracing the City’s Unconditional Love

Since its inception, 1904 FC has been cradled in the unconditional love and support of San Diego, a city where football reigns supreme. From passionate players to devoted supporters, the club’s journey has been interwoven with the city’s fervent love for the game. The inaugural matches last fall were not just games; they were celebrations of a community coming together, laying the foundation for a culture and history centered around the beautiful game.

A Difficult Decision Amidst Unprecedented Times

The board’s decision to step back from the Fall season was not taken lightly. It stems from a commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the club in the face of the unprecedented challenges brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic. The realities of playing behind closed doors present significant financial hurdles, compelling the club to allocate its resources judiciously to weather the storm and emerge stronger.

Focusing on Local Talent and Future Aspirations

The hiatus from fall competition is not a period of inactivity but a strategic pause for growth and development. 1904 FC prides itself on being a crucible for nurturing young talent, particularly from San Diego, with a vision of catapulting promising players onto the European stage. Last season’s roster, with an average age of 22 and nearly 70% of players hailing from San Diego, is a testament to the club’s commitment to local talent.

Manager and co-founder Alex Gontran elucidates the club’s mission during this interim, stating, “While the desire to play is strong, the current circumstances are challenging. Our focus this fall will be on scouting and providing local players with the platform to reach the next level. We are committed to signing San Diego players to professional contracts come spring, ensuring the representation of our city on the professional team.”

A Message of Gratitude and Hope

1904 FC extends its deepest gratitude to the fans and the community for their unwavering support and love. The decision to forgo the Fall season is a promise of a future where the club not only survives but thrives, continuing to be a beacon of football excellence in San Diego.

In these challenging times, 1904 FC’s strategic pause is a narrative of resilience, foresight, and an unwavering commitment to the community and the sport. The club’s journey is a testament to the power of strategic planning, community support, and the enduring love for football that binds the team and the city of San Diego together. As 1904 FC prepares for a triumphant return in the Spring, the spirit of #repSD shines brighter than ever, heralding a future filled with hope, unity, and the beautiful game.