In a significant development for San Diego’s soccer landscape, 1904 FC is proud to introduce Alex Gontran as the head coach for its much-anticipated debut season in the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA). This appointment marks a pivotal moment for the club, signaling a fusion of local passion and international expertise that is set to elevate the team’s prospects in the competitive arena of professional soccer.

The Journey to 1904 FC

Alex Gontran, aged 44, is no stranger to the world of soccer or the 1904 FC project. As one of the club’s original investors and a key figure in its establishment in San Diego back in 2017, Gontran’s involvement has been instrumental in the team’s journey from a NASL aspirant to a proud contender in the NISA league. His transition from a behind-the-scenes influencer to the forefront as head coach is a testament to his deep commitment to the club and its vision for the future.

Preseason Preparations and Ambitions

Under Gontran’s guidance, 1904 FC has undergone an intensive four-week preseason training regime, laying the groundwork for a strong performance in the upcoming Fall 2019 NISA season. The team is poised to make its league debut with an away game against California United Strikers FC in Irvine, California, on September 7. This initial fixture is not just a match, but a statement of intent from 1904 FC to make an indelible mark on the league from the get-go.

Gontran brings to the table a wealth of experience gleaned from his tenure as a certified coach with the French Football Federation. Known for his keen eye for talent and his strategic acumen, Gontran has been instrumental in scouting and nurturing players who have gone on to achieve significant success in top clubs across Europe. Among his notable proteges are Hatem Ben Arfa, Marvin Martin, and Demba Ba, who is not only a celebrated soccer star but also one of 1904 FC’s principal partners.

Building a Team for San Diego

In Gontran’s words, “We are very excited to finally bring professional soccer to San Diego. We have worked hard to bring local and international talent on board. We have a young, hungry team which will fight for this city.” This ethos reflects Gontran’s vision for 1904 FC as a team that resonates with the spirit and aspirations of San Diego’s vibrant community. The blend of local and international talent within the squad promises a dynamic and exciting brand of soccer that will engage fans and contribute to the city’s rich sporting culture.

A Call to Action for San Diego Soccer Enthusiasts

As 1904 FC embarks on this thrilling journey, the call goes out to soccer enthusiasts, local supporters, and the wider San Diego community to rally behind the team. The arrival of Alex Gontran as head coach heralds a new chapter for the club, one that is built on a foundation of passion, dedication, and a shared dream of achieving greatness on and off the field.

The stage is set, the team is ready, and now it’s time for San Diego to embrace its new soccer heroes as they strive to make history in the NISA league.